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Welcome to the IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM.  

Finally, you have a powerful, no-nonsense tool to highlight the true profit potential in your calf crop.  It is time to leverage the investment you’ve made in your bull battery and the expense you’ve put into your health program to receive a third-party validation of the predicted feedlot success of your feeder calves.  The IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM incorporates the genetic knowledge of most mainstream sires, regardless of breed, by referencing their EPD profile.  At the same time, the extra time and serious effort you’ve put into your preconditioning and vaccination program are also considered as a fundamental part of feeder calf value.  Weaning management and a responsible health program set your calves up for success.  When superior calf management combines with profit focused genetics you’ve done your job.  Now it is time to make your buyers aware.

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International Genetic Solutions  Feeder Profit Calculator

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