Know or Guess.  Choose Know.


Put the FPC to work for YOU:

Much of your job at the end of the day is about ensuring profit and quality. Often times, given the lack of knowledge on a set of cattle, this can be a shot in the dark. There are many value-added programs to help minimize this, but what if there was something to condense this information into one easy-to-read format? Welcome to the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator.

The FPC has you in mind when producing a certificate for the commercial cattleman. It quickly sums up preconditioning info, genetic merit, program involvement, and values these calves based on dollars-and-cents to compare them to their contemporaries.

By encouraging your providers to use this free service you have the chance to make more informed, lower risk buying decisions. Guess you could say it just makes dollars and sense. 




Increased Calf Knowledge

Genetic Risk Management

Easy to Interpret