When it comes to establishing a profit-maximizing genetic program, the International Genetic Solutions (IGS) is the most powerful
selection tool available to cattlemen. The breed associations that have chosen to be IGS partners, are companies that are serious
about maximizing commercial cattlemen’s profit through genetics, regardless of breed or personal agenda.  

The profitability and success of your genetic program is our responsibility. We take this responsibility very seriously and utilize only the soundest science and research to deliver the world’s most powerful beef selection tools to commercial cattlemen.

These industry-leading partnerships have made IGS the largest and most powerful genetic evaluation in the world. Its multi-breed
capability is tailor-made for cattle producers who are serious about profit. The IGS and its cooperators have used science to develop
the world’s most useful EPDs and profit-driven selection tools.  This cooperation has allowed for unmatched research and industryfocused
science. This large database and science-based research provides the best opportunity for commercial cattlemen to maximize profit through genetics.

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