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IGS Vision Statement

International Genetic Solutions (IGS) delivers the best objectively described, user-friendly and science-based genetic predictions to enhance the profitability of beef cattle producers.

Your Success is Our Job

Let us know how we can help you be more successful. Contact any of the members of IGS for assistance, questions or comments regarding our products and the science of more profitable genetics.  IGS

American Chianina Association:  816-431-2808; chicattle.org
American Gelbvieh Association:  303-465-2333; gelbvieh.org
American Maine-Anjou Association:  816-431-9950; maine-anjou.org
American Shorthorn Association:  402-393-7200; shorthorn.org
American Simmental Association:  406-587-4531; simmental.org
Canadian Angus Association:  403-571-3580; cdnangus.ca
Canadian Gelbvieh Association:  303-465-2333; gelbvieh.org
Canadian Limousin Association:  403-253-7309; limousin.com
Canadian Shorthorn Association:  306-757-2212; canadianshorthorn.com  
Canadian Simmental Association:  403-250-7979; simmental.com
North American Limousin Foundation:  303-220-1693; nalf.org
Red Angus Association of America:  940-387–3502; redangus.org

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