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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 11:08

A New Era of Objective Selection

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Alison Van Eenennaam | University of California, Davis

The application of genomics to improve the accuracy of EPDs is a rapidly developing field. There are ongoing improvements in genotyping and sequencing technologies, statistical methods to increase the correlation between genomic predictions and true genetic merit, and the computing systems to handle the large datasets associated with animal breeding. One thing still remains true in the genomic age and that is the need to collect accurate phenotypic records. It is essential to ensure performance data, pedigree, and DNA information are recorded and reported accurately. Genomic predictions will only be as reliable as the data upon which they are based.  Although it might seem like the genomics era could signal the end of performance recording, the opposite is true. Now more than ever, it is important that producers accurately report data, and ensure that animals which are genotyped are correctly identified so that their information can contribute towards improving the accuracy of the genomic predictions of the future.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 10:43

International Genetic Solutions Crossbreeding

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AmericanCattlemen.com   |   Published March 14, 2016    |   

Cattle producers are always searching for answers to the question, “How do I improve my bottom line?” It’s a difficult question to answer, especially if, as a producer, you are making the decisions all on your own. The good news is there are organizations out there now that can off er cutting-edge tools to provide commercial producers with a wide range of data that focuses directly on the needs of the producer. International Genetic Solutions (IGS) is an unprecedented collaboration between progressive breed associations to enhance beef industry profitability. IGS is an outgrowth of listening to the commercial industry that began in 2010 when the American Simmental Association and the Red Angus Association of America came together to better support the profit goals of beef producers. Today, IGS is a collaboration of 12 progressive breed associations that have put self-interest aside to focus on the needs of the commercial cattle producer. These breed associations include: Red Angus, American Chianina, American Shorthorn, American Maine-Anjou, American Simmental, American Gelbvieh, Canadian Angus, Canadian Gelbvieh, Canadian Limousin, Canadian Simmental, Canadian Shorthorn and the North American Limousin Foundation. Will Townsend, Montana cattleman and Director of Commercial and Industry Operations with the American Simmental Association, is truly excited about what IGS is already doing for the cattle industry. “The goal is to promote good genetics and good breeding practices throughout the cattle industry,” says Townsend. “With over 16,000,000 total animals and 340,000+ new animals added annually, IGS has the largest multi-breed genetic evaluation system in the world and it gives commercial producers the tools to help them achieve the greatest profitability possible.” The goal of IGS is to provide genetics and genetic selection tools that maximize profit. This industry-leading partnership has made IGS the largest and most powerful genetic evaluation in the world. Its multi-breed capability is tailor-made for cattle producers who are serious about profit. The IGS and its collaborators have used science to develop the world’s most useful EPDs and profit-driven selection tools. This cooperation has allowed for unmatched research and industry-focused science. This large database and science-based research provides the best opportunity for commercial cattlemen to maximize profit through genetics.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 09:24

MAPPING THE MAZE’ Equips Ranchers with Marketing Options

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Mapping the MAZE through genetics, feeding and marketing options was the focus of upper Great Plains beef cattle producers during a seminar held October 28 in Mandan, North Dakota. The event was sponsored by the American Simmental Association, the American Red Angus Association, the American Gelbvieh Association and their North Dakota affiliates.

In an unprecedented alliance, the executive officers of three national breed associations joined together to share their expertise to assist commercial ranchers in finding maximum value in their cattle. .The concept of International Genetic Solutions (IGS) was presented by Wade Shafer, ASA CEO. The responsibilities of breed associations in the success of cow-calf operations was outlined by Myron Edelman, AGA CEO. Identifying the value of feeder cattle and achieving increased profitability was the final topic presented Tom Brink, RAAA CEO.

Commercial and seedstock producers took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions during a panel discussion at the conclusion of the collaborative meeting.


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