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Welcome to the IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM.  

Finally, you have a powerful, no-nonsense tool to highlight the true profit potential in your calf crop.  It is time to leverage the investment you’ve made in your bull battery and the expense you’ve put into your health program to receive a third-party validation of the predicted feedlot success of your feeder calves.  The IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM incorporates the genetic knowledge of most mainstream sires, regardless of breed, by referencing their EPD profile.  At the same time, the extra time and serious effort you’ve put into your preconditioning and vaccination program are also considered as a fundamental part of feeder calf value.  Weaning management and a responsible health program set your calves up for success.  When superior calf management combines with profit focused genetics you’ve done your job.  Now it is time to make your buyers aware.

What is IGS?  IGS, or International Genetic Solutions, is a collaborative effort of numerous breed associations working together to generate the largest beef genetic evaluation on the planet.  The IGS evaluation has the substantial benefit of being multi-breed, thus providing a much more accurate genetic picture of crossbred and composite cattle.  

The member associations of IGS, and the seedstock producers, involved are invested in the future and sustainability of commercial producers by providing profit focused solutions and tools.  The IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM is a highlight.  And as such, it is offered at no cost to you.  

That is correct, you can receive a third-party validation of your feeder calves at NO COST to you!

So what is the process?  Simple.  Here is a link to the IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM Input form.  You need to compile the requested information and fill out the form.  You must know the registration numbers on your bull battery and the Association in which they are registered.  Likely, your seedstock provider(s) can help fill in any gaps.  Also, if you know the sires represented in your cowherd, that will add tremendous awareness.  For those who don’t know maternal grandsires, you will need to provide the approximate breed composition of your cowherd.  These requirements form the basis of the genetic predictions of your calves.  

Additionally, you will provide health and weaning information along with other specifics about your calf crop.  This builds the foundation for the management predictions of your calves.  The more thorough the information you provide the more accurate the IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM will be at reflecting the profit potential in your calves.  Also, the more thorough you are the faster you will receive your official certification.  Should you have questions feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 406-205-3033.

Once your form is completed, submit the form electronically, by email, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You will be contacted within in two business days about the processing of your form.  At the completion of the validation, typically three business days or less, you will receive an electronic certificate that highlights the genetic and management predictions on your calves along with individual awareness of certain carcass and growth traits.  Along with the certificate, you will receive a detailed page indicating all the genetic information you provided.  

This provides you with an IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM Certificate to share with potential buyers and marketers of your feeder calves.

All producer provided information will be highlighted on the official certificate.  Buyers will be able to view and evaluate all information given.  This allows a transparent process whereby you highlight your efforts and the buyer has the confidence of knowing the background of your calves.  

It’s that simple.  Finally, a streamlined process for progressive commercial producers to validate their hard work and focus on producing a quality product.

Know.  Or Guess.  Choose Know.

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