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Put the FPC to work for YOU:

No doubt, you are busy enough as it is. Is it really worth taking the time for the Feeder Profit Calculator with your calves? We’ll let you decide.

The FPC is a service provided to you at absolutely no cost. Depending on the size and scope of your herd, the estimated time to complete the form is less than an hour. In return, you'll receive a certificate that provides a third-party view of the terminal merit of your calves and relates that in a manner we all understand - Dollars and Cents. You also get a personalized assessment from the FPC staff.

How you choose to use this certificate and information is up to you. Let us help you by listing your calves and certificate on the FPC App for potential buyers to see. You can also use the information for personal farm use. At its root, the certificate is designed to be shared with your marketers and potential buyers. It allows you to highlight the profit potential of your calf crop.


No Cost



Minimal Time

Customized Certificate

IGS Staff Correspondence